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Hidden Sins (Luke Fletcher Series #1)

Hidden Sins (Luke Fletcher Series #1) - Karice Bolton I could not put this down! This story was FANTASTIC!!!

Hannah was phenomenal. I loved how her character was vulnerable, and yet she wasn't a shrinking violet...she had backbone, which made her very interesting to read.

Luke was a fine specimen of alpha male. He was the first to rush head-on into danger to protect those around him and yet, he was a complete and total pushover when it came to Hannah.

This was, in my opinion, a true "romantic suspense;" while there was only one actual love scene, clearly a true loving relationship was built and developed between Hannah and Luke.

Speaking to the "suspense" aspect, the whole book was one big chase scene until the resolution in the last few chapters. I literally could not stop reading this book, and I almost danced when I reached the end to learn that book 2 is in the works! I wouldn't call this a cliffhanger, as there was a definite resolution to the story, but certain loose ends were left waaaaaaay not-tied-up and I would love to read their story!

***i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***