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Perfect Mate

Perfect Mate - Aubrey Rose A wonderful conclusion to Blind Wolf...maybe?

Perfect Mate, much like Blind Wolf, was a HOT, yet endearing, story of a realistic, aka not-so-model-thin, woman and a (literally) blind man. Well, blind werewolf.

Although Perfect Mate tied up most loose ends that were revealed in Blind Wolf, Aubrey definitely made me want to read the next book in this series (which she MUST write, because I can't get enough of these books), because so many more possible loose ends were created!

Aubrey did a truly amazing job describing what the world seemed like to the blind Damien, and how he had to compensate not only to survive, but to excel and actively protect his mate. Aubrey obviously did a lot of research on the topic, and it shows in her writing.

I cannot wait to