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Dangerously His

Dangerously His - A.M. Griffin Whew!!! That was one HOT Sci-Fi!!!

A major part of the story revolved around Saia and the abuse she received from her father, the King. It was very emotional, and A.M. did a fantastic job of making me FEEL for Saia and her mother.

JB was, well, "a player." He lived life on the VERY wild side until the moment he saw Saia.

Saia was very sheltered from most of he reality of the universe, and was about to be forced to marry someone she did not love and who did not love her. She really needed a hero, and JB wanted to be that hero.

I can honestly say that I never saw the ending coming. The twist that A.M. threw in there was awesome! She also had some pretty gripping action/adventure scenes that had me on the edge of my seat.

I would definitely read anything written by A.M. Griffin!!!