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One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy

One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy - Scarlet Wolfe ::: Standing ovation :::

This is quite possibly THE best story I have ever read.

This series is comprised of three books which should be read in order, and each one will need to be read in order to gain the full story.

The writing is fantastic. Scarlet weaves in the perfect amount of conflict, sarcasm and suspense. Technically, it is written very well with minimal proofreading issues.

We read the story from the respective points-of-view of Alayna and Damon. These two could not be more different from each other, and yet a series of circumstances brings them together for a chance encounter that changes their lives forever.

The story has a strong BDSM undertone. Normally I feel sort of "eh" toward books in that genre, but, in my opinion, this one used BDSM really as an illustration to show the growth and change in the characters as the story progressed.

Some mystery is sprinkled more and more from the middle to the end, and the way Scarlet reveals teeny tiny bits at a time had me DYING to find out what in the world happened to Damon in his past! (And, I must say, I never saw it coming!)

Speaking of HOT, the love scenes are AMAZING, and there is no shortage of them. Nope, Alayna and Damon cannot seem to keep their hands off of each other. No two scenes were exactly the same, or similar for that matter, which really held my interest. Again, noticing the role the BDSM played in the scenes as the book went along made it very enjoyable to read.

I actually got a smiley, warm, fuzzy feeling at the end of the book, especially with the epilogue. I was hoping this story would have an uber-happy ending, and by golly it did. I could not have imagined a better way to leave Alayna and Damon.

I would absolutely, without a doubt, read ANYTHING written by Scarlet Wolfe!

(As a side note, the trailer for this trilogy is AWESOME!)

***A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review***