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Sexy and emotional; a great book by Amber Lin!

Making Her Melt - Amber Lin

Sexy and emotional; a great book by Amber Lin!

I absolutely loved the beginning of this story. It depicts a very conflicted and tortured Ethan, desperately pining for his best friend's girlfriend, and the events that followed had me really feeling for him! (I have a "thing" for the tortured hero, and Ethan was absolutely PERFECT in that role!)

Amber is a very talented author in the sense that the story kept flowing smoothly. I couldn't put it down! The narration and writing style of the story was great! The voices of the characters were very real and believable. I hope Lia and Ethan are mentioned in the next book because I want to know more about what happened with them!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***