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This is one of my FAVORITE books EVER.

Variables of Love - M.K. Schiller

This is one of my FAVORITE books EVER.

Ethan was absolutely perfect. Even with his flaws, he is one of my favorite heroes. He's one of those "why can't more guys be like Ethan?"-type of characters.

I enjoyed reading the transformation of Meena. She started our meek but changed to anything but.

The supporting characters were equally as enjoyable to read, which prevented any lulls or boring parts in the story.

I was in tears so many times while reading this! The constant, looming conflict between Ethan and Meena was written so perfectly. It was so heart-wrenching, and I applaud M.K. for putting together such a wonderful, well-written story.

This was one of the rare books that I was absolutely engrossed in and would have continued to read no matter how many pages it was. I would, without a doubt, read ANYTHING written by M.K. Schiller, and I am SO thankful for the opportunity to read Variables of Love.

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***