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Spawn Of Medusa - Mary Bernsen

This was such an epic journey of love and belonging!

I loved the casual, personal touch Mary gave to such awesome, immortal beings like the Fates. In a good way, they reminded me of the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty instead of the fearsome creatures illustrated in mythology. In my opinion, to portray the being responsible for death as believably wholesome and matronly takes talent!

The way the gods were linked to Ambrosia kept me very interested to see how they would interact with her. Again, they were definitely depicted differently than in their legends.

The descriptions of everything, namely the castles belonging to the respective gods, were very vivid. I was able to "see" them clearly. These excellent descriptions added a fantastical element to the adventure.

So many times, I found myself saying, "WOW!!!" out loud because there were so many "I never saw THAT coming" moments! (Don't worry...no spoilers here!)

I finished this book essentially in one sitting; not because it was a short book, but because I HAD to know what happened! I have always enjoyed learning about Greek mythology, and that made this a very intriguing book!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***