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Dragon Kisses 1 - Michele Zurlo

This was a cool, and yet smoking hot, book!

The premise of the story was so unique. Imagine, all of a sudden, you wake up in a strange place and BOOM! Dragons everywhere. No spoilers here, but I was totally sucked into the adventure that unfolded.

The story followed two friends, Niall and Cassie, and introduced other characters who, I assume, are featured in subsequent books.

Another interesting touch that Michele added was that the dragons shifted not into one human, as is commonplace in shapeshifting novels, but many humans. Each was an aspect of the whole, almost like different aspects of our personalities make up who we are in total.

While Niall's bisexual preferences weren't my cup of tea, this story was well-written and had a little bit of everything; action, adventure, erotica and love. Niall's and Cassie's respective stories ended quite neatly, but other minor characters were introduced who I would love to know how theirs end! I would absolutely read more books in this series!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honets review***