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A Princess by Christmas - Jennifer Faye

Imagine that an undercover prince shows up...and asks you to be his princess!

That was the premise of this story. Well, he asked her to be his PRETEND princess. Girlfriend, really. While I knew how the story was going to end (inasmuch as they would end up together), it was GETTING to the ending that had be eager to keep turning the pages!

Reese really stuck to her guns when it came to not trusting men and not getting involved with them. It was easy to feel the emotions she was feeling before Alex came into her life. She was torn between her duty as a boss and her heart.

Alex was torn between his duty as a prince and his feelings as a man. He was fun to read because he wore the different hats when he needed to; the prince crown and the average-guy baseball cap. Experiencing him in both ways made his so likeable!

Similar life-events had happened to Resse and Alex respectively, and yet they were opposites in many ways. Still, they could not deny the pull between them. They used the “pretend girlfriend” façade as an excuse to get to know each other better, and it was really a brilliant cover for their true feelings to grow.

While there were no love scenes per se, the actu