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Christmas at Seashell Cottage - Donna Alward

Can you imagine walking along with the guy you’ve been fantasizing about for months and finding an abandoned baby? Neither could Charlie!

Charlie is a slightly damaged doctor who has relocated to Jewell Cove to carve out a different kind of life for herself. Part of this new life just so happens to involve drooling over one of the local dock workers and wondering who he was and what it would be like to be with him. Charlie is definitely spunky and no-nonsense, but she is pretty fragile on the inside. It was interesting to read how her character changed over the course of the book.

Enter Dave, said admired dock worker, who runs into Charlie and cannot deny the attraction that overwhelms him. Dave, too, is slightly damaged. A former Navy SEAL, he is pretty laid back but lets his alpha loose every now and then!

I really liked the whole abandoned-baby aspect. It added something very unique to the story and gave it unpredictability. It also added to Dave’s cuteness factor to read about how he interacted with the baby!

All in all, this was a great holiday story to read! The attraction between Charlie and Dave smolders and the ending is very touching. I really liked this boo