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Holiday Magic (Second Chance  #1) - Susanne Matthews


This is one of those stories that made my heart hurt; it is so full of emotion, and those emotions are portrayed so well by way of dialogue and interior monologues. Susanne set the whole story up perfectly, and the way it progressed had my dying to know what happened next! I literally was on the verge of tears several times.

I enjoyed reading Georgia because she was very real. She had her heart broken, and she reacted in exactly the way I, personally, would have if I had been put in her situation.

Mark was perfect. He loved Georgia so much before the heatbreak, and the way he lived his life after was just so endearing and so touching (trying not to spoil anything!).

I was wondering where the story was going at first. Georgia and Mark’s love for each other seemed to be laid on a little thick (all that was missing was the “I wuv you, Schmoopie [a la Seinfeld]), but by the end of the first chapter, I buckled in for what I knew would be a REALLY great story. And it was!!! I cannot say enough how emotional this story was and how much I truly loved reading it!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***