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Deep Blue Eternity - Natasha Boyd

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this book!

This story was so gripping; I was sucked in from the beginning. The writing was so smooth, and Natasha kept inserting new mysteries that were just BEGGING me to keep reading and reading until I knew absolutely everything.

I will admit, the first time Tom revealed how Liv knew him, I was a little unsure how THAT little tidbit would play out, but it fit perfectly into this very complex plot and I LOVED IT!!!

Liv was a very believable character. Although her maturity level, thoughts and actions did not match her age, in my opinion, I still enjoyed reading her and got a huge kick out of her inner thoughts.

Tom is totally my kind of hero; tortured, wise and a gentleman. He was so full of emotion, as were his interactions with Liv.

Just writing this review makes me want to read the whole thing all over again! This was an absolutely fantastic book, and I would read ANY romance written by Natasha Boyd!