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Stockholm Syndrome - JB Brooks

A scorching hot love story!

I will read anything J.B. Brooks writes. Her ability to use a wide variety of words and non-cliche phrases holds my attention. The plots flow smoothly and at a steady pace, and the love scenes are smokin'. This story was no exception!

I've read a lot of romances, but the circumstances that brought Evelyn and Mason together were, by far, the most unique I have encountered! It's one of those situations where the coincidences all line up so perfectly that maybe, just maybe, Fate was trying to tell them something from the start.

All characters were, in my opinion, very well-written. I would even love to read a story featuring minor character Owen (Mason's brother)!

Evelyn was pretty realistic; she wasn't an idiot or a "drama queen" (ha....you'll get that joke after you read the book), and I loved her sass.

Mason is the prime example of "I'm not guilty, just at the wrong place at the wrong time." His remorse was endearing, but he was no idiot either. He and Evelyn engage in a battle of wits that makes for some pretty interesting situations. Mason is also INCREDIBLY sexy, and I couldn't think of a better guy to accidentally kidnap someone.

The inclusion of Stockholm Syndrome was a very clever catalyst for the love that blooms between Evelyn and Mason. It adds an intelligent flavor to the story, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant!

The ending had a few twists that I was NOT expecting, and the happily-ever-after scene was a perfect fit for Evelyn and Mason. This book was just incredibly well done, and I loved every word!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***