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The Island of Eden (includes Master of the Island and Master of Pleasure EXTENDED) (Invitation to Eden Book 1) - Lauren Hawkeye

An interesting and magical love story!

The Island of Eden had sort of a "Beauty and the Beast" type of feel to it, complete with the mystery and magic of the original story.

I felt for Theo from the beginning; through circumstances beyond his control, he was transformed into what he considered an unlovable and hideous creature. He sought isolation from society, and even those who he allowed to interact with him were kept at a distance and always knew who the Master was.

Noelle, though a bit abrasive at times, refused to be pushed around by Theo. I enjoyed reading her interior monologues and found her sass entertaining.

Aside from some proofreading issues throughout the book, I thought this was a good, quick read, and I liked being carried away by the fantastical elements of the book!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***