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The Legacy of Buchanan's Crossing - Rhea Rhodan

An AWESOME fantasy romance with a little bit of everything!

I absolutely loved this story! It was incredibly well-written, and there was never a lag or a dull moment. I was so eager to find out what happened in the end that, had I not paced myself, I would have finished the book in two sittings!

Cayden was so fun to read! She is a modern-day witch with some serious self-doubt and a very unique mission to find the Keeper. Oh, and "Join" with him in the secluded glen of Buchanan's Crossing (your inference is 100% correct on what "Join" means!) The circumstances leading up and subsequent to Cayden actually finding the Keeper made for such a fantastic story.

Clint is probably the last person who would believe in magic, which makes him a perfect contrast to Cayden. His skepticism made for some pretty interesting occurrences throughout the book. That and the run-ins with his nemesis, Nevermore, gave me some good chuckles.

And HOLY HOTNESS, were there some steamy scenes in this book!

All in all, I loved the "epic quest"-type feeling I got from this book and the story itself was phenomenal. It kind of makes you stop and think that maybe, just maybe, magic could be everywhere!