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Finder of Lost Love 1: 12 Romance Short Stories One Exciting Adventure (Flashpoint Finds Read and Play) - Jennie Marts, Bev Pettersen, Marie Treanor, Debora Dennis, Nhys Glover, Red L. Jameson, Dariel Raye, Lana Williams, Kayelle Allen, Sydney Jane Baily, Tonya Plank, Ann Omasta

This book is SO COOL!!!

Finder of Lost Love is essentially a collection of excerpts from 12 books. In between reading each excerpt, I got another snippet of a mystery needing to be solved and revealed clues to do so.

Once I obtained the clues, I plugged them into the Flashpoint Finds website (http://flashpointfinds.com/), after I registered for my FREE account, and then all kinds of fun stuff happened!

I tasted many different romance flavors in this book, ranging from paranormal to historical to contemporary and everywhere in between. I LOVED many of the excerpts and am in the process of actually buying the full eBooks they came from (some of them are THAT good), while I didn't really care for others.

The excerpts were juuuuuuust long enough to give me a good glimpse of the author's writing style and the gist of the book, but they were short enough that I was never bored or felt burdened by having to read a lot of something that I didn't care for.

But that is the whole point of Flashpoint Finds, and by extension, this book; to introduce the reader to new books and new authors in a fun and different way.

All in all, the concept of this book and corresponding website is BRILLIANT, and I am beyond ecstatic that this is only book 1 of a series that will, hopefully, include many many MANY more!