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Her Fiery Viking: A Paranormal Romance (Her Elemental Viking Book 1) - AJ Tipton

Holy smokes! ;)

The premise to this story was so unique, and I just knew an awesome story was in between these virtual covers!

While I think the story could have been a little longer and maybe the tension between Mikkel and Jo drawn out a little more, what tension WAS there was totally hot!

I enjoyed reading Mike because he was burdened and vulnerable. He was aware of both aspects of himself, and he worked hard to become a better person in spite of them.

Jo was much the same way. I liked her because she was VERY feisty, and she and Mike played well off of each other.

I was wondering how the book would end with a Happily Ever After, given his immortality and her lackthereof, but I felt AJ ended the story in a perfect way for these two!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***