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Barely Undercover - Sarah Castille

Ice has never been so hot ;)

This is just an awesome book. It encompasses one of my favorite catalysts in a romance novel, when two people have a history and are brought together coincidentally at a later date, only to realize that they had never really gotten over each other.

The love scenes in this book are so INTENSE. They are beyond hot on a physical level, but they are so strong on an emotional level, given the history between Lana and James.

Lana was awesome. Period. I liked her "Miss Independent" side, but I also liked her "I'm not too proud to ask for help" side. And she was hilarious! Both her inner monologues and her dialogues had me chuckling at times.

And James (aka Ice). WOW! I just loved everything about him. He never lost sight of what was important to him, and he was loyal to the death to those important things...namely Lana and justice.

This will not be my last Sarah Castille book. I can't wait to read my next one!!!