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The Community Series Box Set: Books 1-3 - Tracy Tappan


Each book in the series is like a 2-for-1 deal; while the story primarily follows the main characters, we get an in-depth glimpse at other characters and get to read their stories within the main story. It's like getting a bonus HEA every time!

One of the things I loved about these books is that they are SO not the typical vampire books. Yes, the characters exhibit some of the same vampiric traits as their counterparts in the over-saturated market, but these creatures are truly unique, and I found that to be incredibly refreshing!

The imagery is absolutely fantastic. Tracy makes it very easy to actually visualize the underground world she has created, as well as the characters themselves.

Each story has twists and turns that I NEVER saw coming, and mysteries that were unraveled at a deliciously slow (but not too slow) rate.

And holy smokes, those love scenes! First of all, and this is with each respective couple in the series, Tracy sure knows how to build the tension between them. She not only wrote some HOT HOT HOT encounters, but she did an extraordinary job of showing the LOVE between them.

Now I want to go read the series all over again! And I think I might go do just that :)