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Her Scottish Rogue (The Rebels, Rakes, and Rogues Series) - Carol A. Spradling

A fortunate case of mistaken identity!

I was intrigued by the "mistaken identity" element of the story and couldn't wait to see how it got resolved! Wren's forced-husband, Beck, didn't even believe her when she said she wasn't Lady Anne, and it took a unique tactic to get him to finally believe her (no spoilers here!).

The dialogue was fun to read, especially when Beck spoke. He "spoke" with a Scottish accent, and the way Carol wrote the words made it very easy to imagine what he actually sounded like.

I enjoyed all of the characters in the story, especially Baron. While I wasn’t sure about him at first, he definitely grew on me by the end.

I thought the epilogue was well done, and thought it wrapped up as[ects of the story in a surprising way.

All in all, Carol had some fantastic ideas that made this unlike any other historical romance I have read, and I would be very interested in reading more books in this series!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***