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Pistol Whipped (Girls with Guns Book 3) - Ashley Bostock


First of all, I loved the premise of this book: Two best friends begin to feel differently towards one another. Needless to say, the fact that these two have been so close for most of their lives made for some pretty interesting internal (and external) conflicts.

Nextly, HOT. I mean, my goodness! And it was endearing at times because Gabbie was battling some inner demons that prevented her from being intimate, and the way Logan handled it was wonderful.

I enjoyed the tone and the way this book was written. It was in more of an "everyday-this-is-how-real-people-speak" kind of style, as opposed to a 100%-grammatically-correct style. I could easily hear Gabbie saying things she did in the way she said them.

I was introduced to other characters from the series, and I must say that I CANNOT WAIT to read Brandi and Blaze's story (if they have one...if not, ASHLEY, THEY NEED ONE!!! You set it up beautifully!)

All in all, I really liked Ashley's writing style, and I would absolutely read more books by her!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***