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Waking the Beast - Lacey Thorn


I mean, holy smokes, Lacey sure can write a love scene, and there certainly were plenty to go around in this book!

The book revolved around one of my favorites; fated mates. Abby and Tah offset each other nicely, but the fierce love they felt for each other was very endearing.

I was also introduced to other characters who, I assume, either have been or will be featured in their own books (WHICH I WILL ABSOLUTELY BE READING!!!)

I must admit, I was a little confused in the beginning in terms of how Abby and Tah knew each other. That information was disclosed later on, and that would be the ONLY thing I would change about the story; if that was presented in the beginning of the book, maybe some tension between Abby and Tah built up that way. But the way Lacey introduced new information at the beginning of each chapter was a very interesting idea! (No spoilers!!!)

I appreciate the amount of research Lacey obviously put into learning about the African "werecat" myth featured in this book. I was not familiar with it at all, and I think she did an excellent job of explaining it clearly and completely. I especially liked how I learned of Abby's role in the myth, and how it fell into place with everything else in the story.

This book opened the door nicely for LOTS more to come, and I am all too eager to get my hands on more of Lacey's books!