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Love's Timeless Melody - Cindy Irish

Absolutely amazing!

Cindy Irish can write a novel like no other. She finds the perfect balance of sexy, sweet, mystery and humor and meshes it together in an interesting, sizzling, entertaining, well-written story.

I must admit that I wasn't sure how I would like the character of Jessie. She's a psychic by trade, and I wasn't sure if or how her abilities would fit in with the "contemporary romance" genre of the book. Turns out, Cindy's a genius and Jessie fit in perfectly. I actually enjoyed when Jessie used her abilities to tell other characters information from another realm :)

Jamie's transformation was fun to read, especially since I was introduced to him in the previous book, The Song That Seduced Paris, and formed a certain opinion about him and how much he loves his money.

Annie and Gabriel made several appearances in this book, and I was very happy that I was able to learn more about what happened to them after their book ended.

And, oh my gosh, the segue into Nico's story has me SO EXCITED to read the next book!!! Cindy set it up beautifully.

This is shaping up to be one AWESOME series!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***