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Crash and Burn (Love You Like A Love Song Book 1) - Michele Callahan, M.L. Callahan

Sweet & VERY SPICY!!!

This book was fantastic! The plot was unique and engaging, and holy smokes, Michele wrote some SMOKING HOT love scenes!

This was one of those stories where it felt like the characters truly loved each other. The emotions were written so well that I could feel exactly what Michele had intended for me to feel.

Erin was fun to read because she was so vulnerable. She had self-doubt and humility, and she had a realistic view of what was going on around her and with Chance.

Chance was absolutely adorable. He knew he wanted Erin and immediately stepped into the role of being her man. He protected her when she needed it and fought for her to prove how he felt. Sigh!

I was also introduced to Chance's brothers. Michele did an excellent job of giving me a summary of each of them, and, needless to say, I will be reading each and every one of their stories (starting with Jake's story, which is the next book in the series!)

All in all, this was a very clever, very enveloping rock star romance and I am now a BIG big fan of Michele Callahan!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***