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Walking Heartbreak - Sunniva Dee

Holy page-turner!

While this is a contemporary romance, a mystery was presented in the very beginning of the book that I thought I had a handle on, but as the book went on, I kept reading twists and turns that confirmed I, in fact, had NO IDEA what the resolution of that mystery would be. I HAD to know, and I blew through those pages until I got my answer! (And a wonderful ending).

This book packs so much emotion, it's almost unreal. The subject matter is, at times, depressing, but the sad things make the happy things that much, well, happier! (VERY well done, Sunniva!)

Nadia and Bo's story is VERY intense filled with events I didn't expect, but despite my yelling at the characters to do or not do certain things, it was definitely worth it at the end!

This was my first Sunniva book, but it will not be my last!!!