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Semper Fi - D.H. Cameron

A different kind of romance!

First of all, D.H. is a very talented writer. I enjoyed her "voice" and the way she wrote the story. It flowed smoothly and the characters weren't the typical Marine or full-figured woman that seems to be featured in a lot of stories.

Darlene was no shrinking violet, that's for sure! She was very comfortable in her own skin and was a no-nonsense kind of girl. I liked that she didn't do the typical "Oh, I know a big secret that will affect my boyfriend, but I'm going to just keep it to myself for no good reason" towards the end of the story.

I liked Erik, and I thought the...shall we say, affliction, D.H. bestowed upon him gave him a depth that not all heroes have in these types of stories. D.H. obviously did her research on veterans issues, and she made it easy to empathize with Erik.

The love scenes were a bit different, but I felt they were a good fit for the story.

I can't say enough that I really liked her writing style, I will absolutely read more books by D.H.!