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Alone With You (Love You Like A Love Song Book 2) - Michele Callahan

This series just keeps getting better!

I could NOT put this book down.

First of all, the whole "we used to be in love way back when and now we're adults who never stopped truly loving each other even though we are going to pretend that we don't" scenario gets me every time.

Claire and Jake kept me even MORE intrigued because both of them were so strong in their convictions and ways of life that it seemed impossible that they could ever be together. So I HAD to see how they got their Happily Ever After.

Oh, and talk about some INTENSE love in this book. And not just the physical kind.

I liked being able to catch up on Erin and Chance from the first book. I also REALLY liked how the other two brothers, Mitchell and Derek (who have not had their stories told yet) were in the forefront throughout. I got to know them a little better, and Michele set up the next book in the series beautifully! (I am SO excited to read Derek's book, whenever that comes out!!!)

Mitchell's story is next, and I am SO excited to read it!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***