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Allied Operations: Military Romantic Suspense (Wings of Gold) (Volume 2) - Tracy Tappan

I was ADDICTED to this book!

Just like the previous book, Beyond the Call of Duty, I couldn't put this one down. The tension between Samantha and Kyle built and simmered slowly, and the action and suspense elements were truly "edge-of-your-seat." When the book was heavy, it was HEAVY, but it was realistically balanced out with lighter moments.

This book was personal for Tracy, and it shows. The amount of research she put in is above and beyond. She uses the jargon like a pro, and THANK GOODNESS for the built-in glossary! I loved learning new terms and phrases!

In the beginning, Samantha and Kyle have sort of a pseudo-meeting, then they officially re-meet the next day. I knew from that moment that the sparks would fly between them!

Kyle had such a funny voice, both externally in the things he said and especially internally with the things he thought. He's a hero for sure, but I enjoyed reading how Samantha got under his armor and discovered what made the hero/player/wise guy tick.

And holy cow, when Kyle finally said out loud to Samantha the things he had only wished he could say out loud to Samantha, I totally had an out-loud AWWWW moment.

And holy cow, the major conflict that happened with the helicopter towards the end had me turning the pages like a crazy person to see how it got resolved!

And holy cow, I just loved absolutely everything about it and would read ANY book in this series!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***