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Going for a Ride - Kylie Gilmore

An absolutely PERFECT summer read!

This is my new favorite book. Oh my gosh. I loved EVERYTHING about it! It's a very sexy, low-stress, lighthearted, page-turning, delightful read.

Kelsey was one of the most "real" characters I've read in a while; she said what she thought, even if it meant making waves. She was a little spitfire and I laughed out loud several times at her thoughts.

Nick was the complete opposite of Kelsey (in spite of his occupation, which I was not expecting...Lol!), which made their interactions interesting. I couldn't wait to see if and how their relationship evolved.

Intense jealousy made for a VERY interesting final conflict, and the final scene of the book before the epilogue was just so fitting and left me with a big smile

Loved it, loved it loved it!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***