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The Men of Machismo:The Bad Decision Legacy - Morgan K. Wyatt

A wild ride!

I liked reading Tonya and Will because they were a little awkward with each other in an endearing way.

Tonya seemed to have a streak of clumsiness and bad luck, though not all of it was her fault; she had creepy Clint to thank for some of it.

Clint's tendency to cause catastrophic situations for Tonya kept the story interesting because, well, I never knew what to expect!

Will was a little shy, and maybe a little jaded about love given his line of work. But he knew who he liked, and it was definitely Tonya! His patience and care of her was absolutely adorable.

All in all, this was an intense read with a relentless villain, and one heck of an ending!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***