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Tempting Isabel (Paradise South Book 1) - Rissa Brahm


This book is the best thing I have ever read. EVER! This is so well-written, so gripping, so emotional, so HOT, so...PERFECT!

The writing is flawless. No cliche phrases here, nooooo way. Rissa says the same thing romance authors have time and again, but she expertly uses unprecedented words and phrases to do it.

The dialogue is realistic and, at times, made me chuckle. I could easily imagine the characters speaking and hear every inflection and exasperated sigh.

The writing was SO good that I felt each and every emotion Zack and Isabel experienced. I felt his soul-deep NEED for her, and it was beyond moving.

The mystery surrounding Isabel was very intriguing, and the resolution couldn't have been more fitting. Rissa's timing and pace of how she revealed pieces to that puzzle made this a book I stayed up late reading and had to be pried away from.

This isn't a story about some guy who wants to get laid and then happens to fall in love with the girl. This is a journey of two people fighting Fate, or, rather, finally understanding her message.

I will read ANYTHING Rissa Brahm writes. Get on board now, because she is going to be THE biggest romance author we have seen in quite some time!

***I received this book in exchange for an honest review***