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Mettle (Spartan Riders) (Volume 2) - J.C. Valentine

Holy Hot Biker Bad Boy!

First of all, loved it. I tore through this book. The story was gripping, it was so well-written and I MUST go back and read Grit (although THIS IS A STANDALONE, I enjoyed it SO much that I want to read more about the Spartans MC!)

I love how the introduction and and interaction between Talia and Tucker was there right out of the gate, that I didn't have to read half of the book before they met. And what an introduction and interaction it was!

Early on, I learned that Talia is guarding a HUGE secret (no spoilers!) and I COULD NOT WAIT to see what happened once it came to light. And, boy, did it! I loved her spunk and her faults, and her relentlessness.

Tucker was AMAZING. I loved how he treated Talia differently from the start, even though he didn't know why he was doing it. His vulnerability, though well hidden, made him just adorable (in an ex-Special Ops, total badass sort of way).

All in all, I LOVED it and can't wait to read more about these sexy Spartans!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***