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Watch Me - Ada Frost

I absolutely LOVED this book!

Abby and Lawson are complete opposites, which made this entire story engaging and entertaining. Where she is adorably hilarious and open, he is reserved and closed-off. Reading their interactions and how they evolved kept me eagerly turning the pages!

The tone in which Ada told this story was completely delightful; very playful and easy, even during the conflicts. I cannot say enough how much I liked the tone and flow of this book.

And holy smokes, talk about sexy. I mean, the guy has been dubbed the Porn Prince, so you know things are bound to get pretty steamy in these pages! There were even some things I didn't expect, and while not my cup of tea, I felt they geniusly and indirectly added to what was happening between Abby and Lawson.

The supporting characters in the book, specifically Sam and Brie were perfect, and I would LOVE to read their stories too! (Hint hint, Ada!)

The ending. My gosh! First of all, the final scenes almost had me in tears. And the epilogue! I rarely read epilogues; I feel that a lot of times they seem forced and try to cram a lot of information in without much of a story. But I just could not get enough of this book and eagerly drank up every last word on my Kindle. I kept trying to turn the last page hoping for more!

All in all, I loved it, and I would read ANY book by Ada Frost!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***