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Melting Steel: An Alpha Billionaire Romance - C.M. Seabrook

Heroes do exist! This whole book was balanced perfectly; each character and each scenario was clearly comprised of good and bad and one side contrasted beautifully with the other, adding light to the darkness and vice versa. Henry was quite the hero! He was the kind of guy who would run head-first into danger to save the woman he loves. And he did. But I'm not spoiling anything for you! Let's just say that he's the perfect book-boyfriend if you like your damsels saved by their heroes. Which I do :) Keeley was no pushover, though. The cards were stacked against her, but she kept on, trying to do the right thing and make the best of it. She had some major trust issues, but hey, who wouldn't in her situation. I loved how Keeley and Henry had sort of a history together, and they were unknowingly so influential in each others' lives. The suspense in this one was really something....I did NOT see the final showdown coming, and it made for quite an ending! All in all, another great book by C.M., and I am ABSOLUTELY ecstatic to read what she writes next! ***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***