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Dekkir: An Alien SciFi Romance (Galaxy Alien Warriors #1) - Lara LaRue

Hotness + Sci-Fi + Action/Adventure + Suspense = Dekkir

This book was incredibly well-written. The story flowed smoothly and I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book, dying to know what happened next!

Equal parts sci-fi romance, suspense, action/adventure, and smoking hotness, all balanced perfectly throughout. Add to that some plot twists I never saw coming and I got one heck of a story!

"Finding true mates" is a favorite topic of mine, and this was certainly one of those stories! But, this was unlike any I have read because Grace wanted absolutely nothing to do with Dekkir! (She was pretty funny about it, too) This unexpected element of outright rejection really made this book stand out.

The ending was fantastic, a HUGE Happily Ever After, and I hope I get to catch up with Grace and Dekkir in subsequent books.

I am 100% on board with Lara and this series, and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting the next book!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration for an honest review)