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Cinderella & Prince Dom (Once Upon A Dom, #1)

Cinderella & Prince Dom (Once Upon A Dom, #1) - Sydney St. Claire This was such a fun (and very HOT) book to read!

The premise of the story was very unique; a gathering of erotic fairy tale characters for a weekend of fun and frolicking...with whips and cuffs. Masks were worn and real names were not revealed to protect those in attendance.

Jaimie (attending as Cinderella) had never experienced anything like what she learned would be going on at the party. She didn't even find out what kind of party it was until the party! Needless to say, she gave the lifestyle a try with the teachings of her Prince Charming/Dom, Bryce.

Bryce happened to be Jaimie's former boss, who fired her, and had invited her to this party to find out if she really should have been fired or not. But, with anonymity everywhere, Jaimie had no idea who he was or what he was doing in that regard. This element made for a very engaging aspect in the story.

I enjoyed the progression and transformation of the relationship between Jaimie and Bryce, and I was very happy with the ending!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***