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Worth Forgiving

Worth Forgiving - Vi Keeland HOT, exciting, BEST book of the series so far.

I have just one word for you: JAX. He is the perfect hero. As Vi says in the novel (I'm paraphrasing), he is a gentleman in the living room but a caveman in the bedroom. Aside from being the ideal male specimen physically, he is a rich, smart, successful businessman and MMA fighter. He is completely at Lily's mercy, and yet he has no problem aggressively protecting her. Jax is a wonderful dichotomy, and this is the first time I can remember almost being jealous of a fictional character (Lily)!

The love scenes are SCORCHING, and they are well-placed throughout the story. Again, because Jax is comprised of polar opposites, you never know what the encounter will be like! They were all pretty different from each other, which was a fantastic way to avoid predictability.

I liked the element of Caden, the jealous ex-boyfriend. It's not something I have encountered too often in books, especially not crazies like Caden. (Good thing Jax is around!)

I CANNOT WAIT to read Vi's next book!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***