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Last Day of My Life

Last Day of My Life - Lani Lynn Vale I FELT more with this book than any other so far...and I've read A LOT of books!

I got goosebumps twice, cried three times and laughed more times than I kept track of.

The connection between Jack and Winter is one that anyone would wish they had with their loved one. To-the-death, all-accepting, unconditional love.

The book switched between Jack's and Winter's points of view, and seeing the story from both sides made it that much more touching.

The story is almost immediately injected with a HUGE mystery that had me beyond eager to see the resolution. I was thrown a bone every now and then, but as the end got closer, I found myself turning those virtual pages more and more because I HAD to know he resolution of the mystery!

In conclusion, be warned that you will become emotionally invested in these characters, all of them. I have only read this book in the series, but I would, without hesitation, read not only other books in the series, but anything Lani writes!

***A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review***