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Delicious Delay

Delicious Delay - Tara Quan What a HOT, fun, HOT, quick, HOT read!

I really enjoyed everything about this story. The really fun thing about it is that, as a whole, it seems like a scenario that COULD actually happen! (I've never been to an overseas airport, so for all I know, it's entirely plausible!)

An American woman on a plane (which gets delayed) in a foreign country, asks another passenger to translate what the captain has just announced over the speaker. In that instant, as soon as Kal (the passenger) sets his eyes on Michelle, he can't tear them away.

The events progress from there, and let's just say one of said events involves an unoccupied airport lounge!

I would have continued reading this story no matter how long it was. In fact, I would have loved to read MORE about Michelle and Kal. I will DEFINITELY be reading more books by Tara!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***