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Demon of Envy

Demon of Envy - Jennifer Lynne The idea and inspiration behind this book (and the series) is truly unique; an interpretation of Greek mythology. I enjoyed this story, and I would love to read the others!

Phthonos was very interesting to read. He played host to arguably one of the worst emotions in creation (Envy), and yet he needed and wanted so desperately to be loved. I cannot imagine a more tortured hero for a story!

Liv was a little trickier to read. She started off being somewhat of a shut-in, also tortured by events that occurred in her past, but as soon as Thon enters her life, she immediately reverts back to, what I assume, was her former self before the horrific event happened to her. I personally would have liked to read a little more transition between the two Olivias.

And the love scenes. My goodness! They were HOT and sprinkled throughout the story in juuuuust the right places! While some of the vocabulary during the scenes was very technical, I felt she did a great job delivering, and showing just how much Liv and Thon love each other!

***An eCopy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review***