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One Plea

One Plea - Scarlet Wolfe This story just keeps getting better!

In this installment, the mystery surrounding Damon's past starts to come to the forefront. I am DYING to know what happened to turn him into who he ultimately became.

And, possibly because of something that occurred in his past, Alayna might now be in danger. I can't wait for THAT mystery to be solved as well.

And holy hotness, can Scarlet write a love scene! Both books have been jam-packed with them and I could not be happier. My favorite one so far has been at the very end of this book.

In fact, because of the relationship between Alayna and Damon, the very last line of this book has me beyond ready to get started on the final book in the trilogy.

Can't wait!!!!!

***A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review***