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Accidentally In Love With...A God? (Accidentally Yours #1)

Accidentally In Love With...A God? (Accidentally Yours #1) - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff This may sound like not-the-right-thing-to-say-about-a-romance-novel, but I was completely and thoroughly entertained by this book. I haven't been THIS excited about spending my time reading in a while.

Emma is my favorite heroine. Period. Ever. I can't count how many times I was laughing out loud, and I totally was able to relate to everything about her.

The whole situation between Guy and Emma is so...odd at first. I've never read another book with a story like it.

This book had the perfect balance of sarcastic humor, sexual tension, action and mystery. It beautifully opens the door for subsequent books, and I will be reading every single one of them.

I was intrigued from page 1. Mimi obviously did a lot of research to make this book as factually accurate as possible, and incorporated so many aspects of many different cultures. I am a HUGE fan of Mimi Jean!!!