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Hell's Bounty

Hell's Bounty - Kayden Claremont This was a VERY interesting concept for a story, and quite a steamy little read!

Hell's Bounty tells of a succubus who is a bounty hunter employed by Hell. While "on the job" of securing a soul for Hell, she encounters Marcus. I won't spoil anything for you by telling you more about Marcus, but let's just say he is a man unlike any she had ever met (and there had been a lot...she is a succubus, after all!)

The story develops a few gripping twists that had me eagerly turning the pages to see what would happen next!

While I, personally, would have liked to see the "loose ends" elements of the story tied up a little more, the plot was great, the love scenes were smokin' and I would read more books by Kayden!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***