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Paranormal Desires (Supernatural Seductions I-IV)

Paranormal Desires (Supernatural Seductions I-IV) - Kiki Wellington I doubt "hot ghost soldier" was in the brochure for the B&B!

This story was just so unique! Well, and also extremely erotic.

Paranormal Desires is comprised of all four Supernatural Seductions books. While each could probably be read as a stand-alone, I definitely recommend at least reading the first book before reading any of the others. (I believe the first book is permanently free at most eBook retailers).

In Paranormal Desires, we learn of four women this "dead sexy" soldier seduces while they visit his secluded former-home-turned-Bed & Breakfast. The first is the woman who actually owns the property, the second and third are guests, while the fourth was, to me, the most intriguing. Serena actually had a history with Jesse the Ghost Soldier and knew him quite intimately before he died. Imagine her surprise when she meets him again!

Kiki's writing is so interesting in that books I and II were concurrent, and the major characters and minor characters just swap between the two books.

I would love for this to be turned into a full-length erotic novel. The story line is really promising in that regard, especially when the element of Serena gets introduced. But as it is, it is DEFINITELY one hot, quick read!