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Massage With Happy Ending

Massage With Happy Ending - JB Brooks Another SCORCHING HOT book by JB Brooks!

This is the second book in the set, and while each can be read independently of the other, reading both definitely makes the story seem a little more complete.

Not we meet grown-up Jared, who is completely different from where his first story ended. He is BEYOND kinky in terms of his bedroom practices, and JB is, again, very descriptive of EVERYTHING that transpires between Jared and Lolly. On the flipside, he has many noble qualities that make him a very good book-boyfriend.

Lolly was very fun to read because she was pretty realistic, in my opinion. She has a sassy sense of humor and quick wit. She also has self-doubt, which makes her even more believable.

I absolutely LOVED the ending to this story. I wasn't really sure where JB was heading with it since there is a six-week jump in the story, but she did not disappoint!

I would read ANYTHING written by JB Brooks!!!

***I received this book in exchange for an honest review***