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Tide to Atonement

Tide to Atonement - Laurie Larsen This was a truly amazing story of inner demons, faith and love.

While this story is fictional, I have to believe the underlying idea of it are not; a person who has been released from prison and wants to live his life following a better path. That was Jeremy's motivation. The trick was convincing society that he had changed, namely those in his town whose lives he had destroyed.

Enter Emma, who has a VERY personal connection to Jeremy's past. With her moral compass pointing due north, she forces herself to do her professional duty, even if it means helping the man who caused her family so much grief.

However, what Emma and Jeremy did not count on was the mutual attracted that bloomed between them. Seeing how their feelings grew in spite of the struggles life threw their way really made this a very heartwarming story to read (my favorite was the very end!!!).

While I personally would have liked to see more interaction between Emma and Jeremy throughout the story, the detailed picture I gained of the other characters made the final conflict and subsequent resolution that much more gripping and, ultimately, very satisfying!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***