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World Change (Earthbound)

World Change (Earthbound) - Maggie Mundy This book was truly an adventure!

While it is absolutely a paranormal (vampire) romance, it reminded me of an epic fantasy adventure; being transported to a strange world with no shortage of unusual characters, magic and the ever-present threat of death.

I enjoyed reading Clare's character. She has a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, which is right up my alley. Without spoiling anything, I almost felt like I was experiencing everything she was, both emotionally and physically, throughout the book.

Trevi was also interesting to read. He is a vampire unlike any other I have read before. In fact, the whole myth and superstition surrounding vampires is entirely different than what we know it to be.

While the ending wasn't really a cliffhanger, Maggie certainly left it wiiiiide open for the next book to pick up where this one left off. I have a feeling the next book will have us rethinking what we know of vampires and werewolves! Once the entire series is finished, I'm betting it's going to be one awesome read!

***A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review***