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A gripping love story packed with adventure!

Legacy of Fear - Ryshia Kennie

A gripping love story packed with adventure!

Legacy of Fear was sort of "The DaVinci Code"-ish in that one clue led to another and another, and yet each clue was its own piece of the puzzle. I liked how pieces of the puzzle were revealed slowly and in unique ways. It wasn't, "Oh, hey, look, a clue," but rather the clues were disclosed through the dialogue and narration from the points of view of the different characters.

Ryshia is VERY talented in describing things in different ways. She didn't just say, "The mountain peak disappeared into the clouds." Instead, she used any word except the obvious ones to describe the same point, and it made the story that much more entertaining to read.

The story takes place in China, and it is obvious that Ryshia did a great deal of research to make the details authentic. Again, with her excellent descriptions, I felt like I was seeing and smelling what the characters were.

The tension and interaction between Andra and Max was fantastic. I loved how their feelings for each other evolved, and I absolutely loved the ending!

This book was a true "romantic suspense" if I've ever read one, and truly a story unlike any I have read!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***