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"What Gunnery Sergeant Zane Hall wants, Gunnery Sergeant Zane Hall gets."

The Marine's E-Mail Order Bride - Cora Seton

"What Gunnery Sergeant Zane Hall wants, Gunnery Sergeant Zane Hall gets."

I really enjoyed reading this book! The plot was different than other books I have read in that the inevitable conflict that would come to a head later in the book was introduced in the beginning. I knew a confrontation surrounding the conflict was coming, and I eagerly turned the pages to get there!

Main characters from other books in this series (I assume, as I have not read them yet) made an appearance in the book, and the next story in the series was set up perfectly. I feel as though I could pick up any of them and know exactly what was going on. Cora seems to have written this series as an ongoing story, just told from the different brothers' points of view respectively.

Storm and Zane were fun to read. They were each on the same wavelength as the other, which gave them a VERY close relationship, and that also made the outcome of the conflict that much more emotional (I am trying not to spoil anything!) The SMOKING HOT love scenes were spread out nicely throughout the book.

I am VERY interested in reading the next book in the series...it sounds like it's going to be a REALLY great story!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***