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The French for Christmas - Fiona Valpy

This book is so intriguing and so descriptive…I felt like I was IN France!

The story is about two people who had suffered awful tragedies in their lives and, somehow, managed to find and help heal each other. This aspect of the characters’ lives wasn’t simply mentioned and then dismissed, but rather it was played out and lingered, much like the feeling of loss would with real people.

I was cheering for Evie the whole time. Again, she was trying desperately to find closure, and she never really gave up hope that things would eventually get better. Plus, I loved reading her inner voice. She said some truly funny things!

Didier was the hero I never saw coming. As the story progressed, I wasn’t sure if HE was the hero of the story or if Will was, but the last part of the story made clear who the true hero was.

Fiona certainly packed a lot of detail into her story. She is so incredibly talented at describing everything (the scene, emotions, sights, sounds) that I could easily visualize everything Evie was experiencing. I met many charming people along the way, and I felt those characters were excellent foil to the not-so-chipper Evie and Didier. And the epilogue…I was SO happy…it was absolutely perfect! All in all, a really fantastic story!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***